Time when tobacco and flue-cured tobacco were introduced into China


Mr. Liu, a consumer in Hebei, is equally confused about the time when tobacco and flue-cured tobacco are introduced into China. He knows that it is now accepted that tobacco was introduced to China in the Ming Dynasty, but I heard that at the beginning of the last century, flue-cured tobacco was introduced to China. I don’t know. This is how the same thing.
In fact, Mr. Liu’s two concepts are not wrong, but they confuse the two concepts of tobacco and flue-cured tobacco. Tobacco is a botanical herb in the botanical classification. More than 60 varieties have been found, most of which are native to the Americas. In the Ming Dynasty, tobacco was introduced to Fujian in China and spread to inland areas. In the long-term cultivation of farmers, different tobacco varieties were formed everywhere, but we collectively referred to as drying tobacco. Generally speaking, the soot is also the same. Its modulation process is usually drying or drying.
Although flue-cured tobacco is also a "foreign household", it is native to the United States, but its main modulation method is baking. It is the main raw material for the cigarette industry. It came to China because the foreign tobacco companies in China at that time wanted to get cheap tobacco leaf raw materials. In 1913, Yingmei Tobacco Co., Ltd. experimented with flue-cured tobacco in Weifang, Shandong, Yucheng, Henan, Fengyang, Anhui, etc. After successful, it was promoted continuously, and the flue-cured tobacco was planted in large areas in China.
In addition to flue-cured tobacco, there are burley and oriental tobacco. The time they are introduced into China is not the same. Burley tobacco is native to the United States and is a light-colored air-cured cigarette with a special aromatic flavor. It is the raw material for high-quality mixed cigarettes. The introduction of burley in China began in the 1930s. Originally produced on the Mediterranean coast, the oriental tobacco is also one of the raw materials for mixed cigarettes. It was introduced to China in 1916.